Its promotional products week 2015!

This week we are celebrating all things promotional, sharing some of our best loved products and providing some fun facts proving that promotional products GET RESULTS!

Promotional products an important component of any marketing mix and include everything from branded pens, mugs, calendars, USBs and sticky notes to confectionery, clothing, keyrings, sports bottles, stress products and much, much more.

Such products are used at seminars and conferences, as exhibition stand giveaways, as Christmas gifts, rewards and to support charity fundraising, giving constant brand exposure on a modest marketing budget.

Follow the adventures of our very own Promo the panda on twitter @GYN_Branding he will be sharing a few of his best loved promotional products as well as some nifty new ones. Check him out, he might just give you some inspiration for your next marketing campaign!

bpma findings

The survey was commissioned by the bpma. Individual interviews were carried out by an independant research agency to 1000 respondents, the results
of which were published in Spring 2013. Sectors represented in the survey included finance, IT, retail, services, insurance, charity and education.

Integrating Branded Products into your marketing campaign is a powerful way to engage with your audiences and can reaffirm customer loyalty. Aside from gaining competitive advantage, promotional products can increase your brand recognition whilst providing advertising longevity of YOUR BRAND.

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